Plastic typeface

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Plastic typeface

Plastic is a monospace variable font based on four master styles: Chain Black, Chain Thin, Simple Black and Simple Thin. The design of the “Chain” styles enables 3D printing as the individual characters can be easily connected through a special character gaps made of serifs at the end of strokes or by splitting up the round shapes e.g. “o” and “g”. On the other hand, the “Simple” styles have no such feature and they are better suited for longer texts and small text sizes. The variable format enables interpolation between four extremes on two axes: stroke weight and length of serifs. Plastic is a font with an array of styles and combinations that allows the user to freely select the weight and length of serifs according to individual needs.

Currently available on Type Department

Made in cooperation with type designer Jitka Janečková.

End User License Agreement

Variable font license includes desktop and web use.

In case you’d like to authorize Plastic Fonts for 6 or more desktop users, multiple domains, mobile apps, videos, games, servers or broadcasting, please contact us for a custom license.

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